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Adding Wood Flooring to Condos-


If you have a condo and are looking to update the flooring wood may be one of the options you are considering. Hardwood can be a great option in a variety of spaces and condos are no exception. There are some factors to consider before deciding to install hardwood flooring in your condo.

First you will need to consider access. How will the contractor access your home if there are security gates, is there parking available and easy access for delivery. If you do have elevators you will want to consider timing and accessibility for making the delivery as easy as possible. You will likely need to create some space in your work schedule to be available to help with the delivery if you have security gates and access codes. You may be able to make arrangements with the delivery crew and the management to handle the material drop off.

Next, you will want to talk to your neighbors and the HOA to see what acceptable working hours are and if any equipment is banned in the CC&Rs. Some condo complexes have rules about daily clean up, where saws can be used and other construction rules. Being considerate of your neighbors is important especially during a construction project. Let them know what the crew will be in your home so they can prepare for the noise and make sure to only allow the crew to work during “work” hours.

Your contractor will need to look at the subfloor in your condo to see what flooring materials can be used. It is best if your contractor can remove a piece of your current flooring and get a first hand look at the subflooring. Many condos have concrete subfloors which will limit the flooring types you can install. Engineered is the best choice when installing over a concrete subfloor. A sound barrier between the flooring and subfloor may be required by the HOA to keep noise down.

The installation process may seem tedious when working in a space like a condo but the finish product is worth while.

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