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Explaining the Mosaic Hardwood Flooring Trend

Hardwood flooring trends change frequently. Some of them were never very good ideas and it’s for the best that they’re out of style. Others create iconic hardwood floors that stand the test of time. You want to get on the trends that will create lasting hardwood floors that you’ll be happy to have decades from now. Hardwood floors are expensive and should be thought of as a long-term expense. One such trend that has been growing and shows signs of staying around is the mosaic trend.

The Trend

Essentially, mosaic floors are hardwood floors made of at least two different types of hardwood flooring plank. They could be different types of wood or simply different stains. The two contrasting colors are used to make patterns on the floor. Some of the most common patterns are simple geometric shapes. For example, the bulk of the floor might be a light white oak. However, there might be squares of flooring made from a darker red oak. Squares, rectangles, and other straight line sare common because they’re easy to install. In many cases, you don’t even need to cut the boards.

If you want a different shape, diamonds are very popular. They require that you cut the planks of the base wood so that they fit fast against the lines of the diamond. They require a little more expertise, but they are great looking.

Mixed Colors

Some people have chosen not to just use shapes from a different type of wood. Some choose a floor of mixed planks. The mixed planks are typically the same length and width. The floor is just made of alternating planks of wood. In these types of floors, high contrast tends to look better. For example, if you have a dark stained cherry wood, you want to contrast it with something light like a white oak. If you put a dark cherry stained plank next to a dark hickory stained plank, it might just look like a mistake. The biggest benefit comes from high contrast.

Some choose to mix their colors in regular patterns. Others choose to randomize the colors used on the flooring. Regular patterns tend to look a little bitter than the randomized look if you want to use planks of similar colors. If you want to randomize the look, more contrast is better. Also, it’s important to make sure it’s truly random. If you accidentally fall into a pattern, it will segment and divide the floor, making it look somewhat lopsided.

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