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Handscraped Hardwood Flooring

Hand scraped wood flooring has a lot of benefits.It adds style and character to the flooring while adding function as well. Handscraped flooring can create a sense of warmth to your home. Hand scraped floors were the only flooring choice for a long period of time but have become a popular choice again especially for people hoping to give their home a rustic or craftsman look to their home. You may be curious if hand scraped hardwood is a fad that will only last a few years and if it has any benefits over other flooring types.

Hand scraped flooring has a unique appearance and can give the floor a worn old world feeling. Handscraped flooring may have some additional distressing as well. Handscraped flooring can add a rustic look and feel to your floors. This flooring adds a lot of visual interest to your flooring and adds depth to each board. The planks have more of a one-of-a-kind look and a lot of character.

Hand scraped flooring adds unevenness to the plank which changes the reflection and light levels. The flooring still has sheen to it but the unevenness helps to hide some imperfections in the sheen. When the light hits the flooring on a hand on site floor you can see the scratches, dents and other imperfections because of the way the light reflects. Many people have switched to matte or satin finishes because it helps hide dings.

Handscraped flooring can be an ideal option for homes with pets and kids. The scrapes can help to mask small scratches, dents and marks. This helps to reduce the stress over using your floor. Your flooring will last year after year because it helps blend in imperfections and create a beautiful distressed floor.

Maintenance needs on these flooring types are reduced. They can be easily wiped, dusted and mopped. The rough finish will hide dust and smaller debris. The grooves are still shallow enough to make sweeping easy and effective. A small stick vacuum is great for use on a handscraped floor and can clean dirt out of the bevels or grooves.

Overall there are only a few benefits of hand scraped wood. The real benefit is if it fits your design style and aesthetic. If you are interested in hand scraped floor because of the warmth and feel of it then it is likely a great choice for your home.

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