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HOAs and House Painting-

When you start the planning process for painting the exterior or your home you will need to consider your HOAs rules. Most HOAs have CC&Rs which can have rules about paint colors and color schemes. Some HOAs have very little rules about paint and the rules are mostly for general maintenance and keeping a cohesive feel to the neighborhood while other HOAs have a preferred paint color for homes in the neighborhood.

The first step is to ask the property manager or other authority in the neighborhood to find out what rules they have about painting, staining or altering the exterior of your home. Most HOAs are harmless and don’t restrict the choices of households much. They might stop you from painting your home neon pink but won’t see any issue with a new neutral paint job.

Some HOAs do require you have the paint color approved and others go as far as to require HOA approved contractors. There are some HOAs that require you to choose from preselected colors. These restrictions and rules should all be listed in the Master Deed and By-Laws and be easily available to the public.

It is important you meet with the HOA and have their approval before you start your project. Depending on the HOA they may be able to fine you or even lien your property for failing to comply with the rules. The fines can add up quickly and eventually force you to comply.

Make sure you document all your conversations with the HOA, their approval and any approval you need to get from your neighbors. These approvals can come into play later. Some HOAs will have you meet with an architectural committee to go over trim, accent colors and other elements and how they will compare to the neighboring homes.

Most HOA are reasonable and appreciate their members updating their homes. A great painter will be happy to work with your HOA as well to ensure the project is done to their specifications and all paint colors are approved.

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