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How much is hardwood flooring?

A common question we get over the phone is how much flooring will cost. Everyone wants a quick number before they decide if they want to move forward with the project. Giving a quick number is hard when there are so many variables in hardwood flooring and does the customer a big disservice when it comes to understanding what the cost per square foot covers and includes.

Flooring prices can range from under a dollar per square foot to over $20 per square foot depending on the selections. The range is huge and for good reason, you get what you pay for when it comes to flooring especially with hardwood flooring. When looking at hardwood flooring you will want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Some hardwood flooring is engineered while other options are solid planks. These may not seem that different in the store but there are huge differences between a solid plank and a wood veneer.

Some Factors Affecting Pricing-

  • Overall quality including milling, finish and finishing method
  • Board Width
  • Wood Type
  • Plank Length
  • Manufacturing methods and environmental impact
  • Waste needed

Key Things to Look Out For When Buying Flooring-

Poor quality flooring can require more product for the same square footage because there is an increase in waste materials. When installing wood you will always need to buy a percentage more square footage that you are installing to make up for cuts. With low quality wood you will need even more wood to make up for defective pieces and other issues.

Short boards are common in lower quality flooring and the finish can be bad quality. The sample is not always a good representation of the board lengths. Ask to see a box of the flooring, also do your research and see what sort of board lengths are included in the flooring choice you are considering. Research the finish and how it wears as well.

It is hard to find real wood flooring on a budget. You may be able to get a great flooring type like engineered or even LVP but hardwood flooring does have a high cost. The high upfront cost of real wood flooring does even out when you consider the longevity.


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