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How to Match a Blue Hardwood Floor

Blue hardwood floors are still very unconventional but they have been growing in popularity steadily over the last few years. They look poised to become popular in coming years. The trend towards blue hardwood floors is influenced by several factors. For one, hardwood floors have become more readily available in recent years. That means that many people have had the opportunity to adapt and change common hardwood floors into something new and innovative. Furthermore, blogs and social media have encouraged many designers to think outside of the normal parameters of flooring. That means that they’ve been experimenting with floors, textures, and with matching those floors. Matching a blue floor is a very difficult task, but it can look great if you do it well.

Matching With Cabinets

If you have other wooden thing in your home such as wooden cabinets, you should consider matching the cabinets with the floor first. Matching different woods is an important step to creating an entire design scheme. There are two basic ways to match something as bold as a blue floor. You can offset it with muted neutral colors that will make the floor stand out; alternately, you can choose another bold color to match the blue and create a very bright room.

Matching a blue with another bright color such as red can create a very bold and exciting look; however, you run the risk of the room looking almost like a panel in a comic book. If you want that, then it works out great. The floor serves as the biggest canvas in the house. For example, that might be a great choice for a child’s room. However, if you want the room to be subtle, you should choose something muted to match the floor. A navy blue floor will match a bright blue floor very well. White or tan will also work very well. Basically, any color that you can match with a blue dress shirt, you could match with a blue floor.

Choosing a Blue

Choosing the right blue for your floor is important as well. There are several options. You could choose a very light blue that subtly hints at blue. That will make a room look brighter but it won’t draw much attention to the floor. A bolder blue stands out better but is more difficult to match. A some blues trend towards green, whereas others trend towards purple. Either is a great choice. If you have a warm interior design, trend towards purple; if your interior is cool, trend towards green.

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