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Is a Hardwood Floor Healthier Than Other Choices?

There are many reasons to choose a hardwood floor; many of those reasons are why hardwood is trending. It has been growing in popularity and usage over the past few years. Many of the reasons are practical or aesthetic. It’s easy to clean, looks great, and last a very long time. However, it also has some benefits for your health.

Dust and Allergens

If you have respiratory vulnerabilities or allergies, dust and other allergens can be a serious problem. Every time you walk into your house, you’re tracking in some elements from outside. Your HVAC system will circulate these things, and they’ll be ground into the floor. Also, your pet might serve as an allergen. Dust, pollen, and pet dander are common. For a carpeted floor, they get ground into the carpet fibers and stay there for a long time. They can be very hard to clean out. For vinyl and other composites, the dirt can create tiny scratches that harbor the allergens. That’s not the case with hardwood flooring.

Hardwood obviously doesn’t have fibers to hold the allergens like carpet might. It doesn’t scratch or dent as easily as vinyl or some other materials. Therefore, hardwood is resistant to allergens.

The Environment

Hardwood is not only healthier for you; it’s also healthier for the environment. Hardwood is a naturally occuring resource. It is renewable and recyclable. That means that a sustainable source of hardwood will involve replacing the trees that are cut down to create your floor. You can also buy a recycled floor. A recycled floor can be a hardwood floor that was installed elsewhere and then moved to your house. Alternately, it can mean you buy wood that was previously used for something else and then is turned into your flooring.

Either option means that you’ll get a great hardwood floor that does not involve cutting down a single tree. In addition to renewability, hardwood isa great choice because it’s nontoxic. Many carpet and vinyl production processes involve hydrocarbons, other limited resources, and dangerous chemicals. They can produce gasses that are harmful to the environment. Also, the industrial runoff can be a pollutant.

If you’re trying to find a flooring that will work best for you and for the environment, hardwood is a great option. If you do your research, you can find a sustainably sourced hardwood or even recycled hardwood. With that research, your floor can feel as great as it looks.

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