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Is white oak hardwood flooring pet friendly?

White oak is one of the hottest floor trends right now but you may be wondering if its a good option for your pets. White oak is a great choice for homes with pets because of a few key reasons. It is durable and stronger than a maple or birch but doesn’t test as high on the janka scale as hickory.

The grain pattern in white oak works well for homes with pets. Depending on the cut pattern of your white oak you may see different grain patterns but all white oak has rich open grains. These grains are ideal for masking scratches from your pets nails. The scratches and dents will blend into the wood. Also if you can choose longer boards this will help keep your eye from stopping at the seams which can cause you to notice more of the wear and tear on your floor.

The finish option you use may also affect how the floor holds up to animals. Wire brushing is one option you may want to consider. This gives the floor a lot of texture which can help hide scratching and fur. Matte finishes are also great for masking scratches. Do not get a high gloss floor if you have pets, you will see every scratch.

The character of the wood adds a lot of what we love to white oak but also works great for hiding imperfections. Because the white oak planks are “busy” the scratches and dents are not as noticable. The grade of white oak you choose will affect what character marks are present.

If you want to stain your white oak you will want to keep your pets in mind. Dark floors and white dogs are not a great combination, the fur will stand out in the contrast. If you are interested in staining you may want to do a nice neutral stain, a light brown or one of the trendy grays that are talking the industry by storm.

White oak is a great option for your home and pets. White oak isn’t popular just for its looks, its popular because it is a great wood for creating a lifetime floor.

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