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Jobs to Do When Preparing to Sell-


Buying and sell a home is a huge process and takes a lot of steps. Buying is exciting and doesn’t take the cleaning and preparing that selling does. Selling is a huge undertaking and there are a lot of big projects needed prior to listing your home. Selling a home is a business transaction but it’s also very emotional. If you can put some of the emotions aside and make some business decisions to prepare your home it will pay off.

You will first need to set a budget. There are also a few small repairs that you need to do when preparing to sell like fixing a leaking toilet, freshening up paint or other delayed maintenance. Other small projects like fresh flowers, paying to have the yard cleaned up and painting the front door can have a big impact.

Hire a great realtor. The right realtor can help alleviate the stress during the selling process. They will advertise your home, give you any needed advice including any fixes you may need to do and help with the negotiations. The price of a realtor may seem steep but it is money well spent.

Declutter is a hugely important process when preparing your home for sale. Declutter the closets, cabinets, garage and other spaces. Removing your belongings from the house can help the potential buyer see the bones better. Also de-personalizing the space helps them to image themselves in the space better. This process can be highly emotional but it is so important.

If you have been in your house a long time there may be more clutter than you can handle. A professional junk removal company is a great option. They can help sort your items and remove them. They can remove anything from trash to old appliances and so much more.

Keeping the house clean during the selling process is also important. By declutter the house you can help reduce the amount of time you will spend cleaning. Cleaning a blank canvas takes much less time then dusting between the nooks and crannies of your belongings. Many realtors advise their clients to hire a cleaning crew while on the market to reduce stress and improve appeal to buyers.

Look at the curb appeal of your home and consider what you could do to improve it. Many buyers do drive bys before coming inside and you will want to make sure they come back for a real showing. If your home looks dingy you may need to hire a power washer to get all the dirt and grime off the siding.

The property photos should also be a big part of the preparation process. The photos are a big factor in getting showings and hiring a professional photographer is advised.

These steps can help your home sell faster and for more money. A realtor will advise you on how to best prepare your home but these simple steps are generally advised on ever job.

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