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Live With Hardwood Flooring Scratches

If you ask any hardwood professional what the number one question they get it will always be about scratching. Everyone wants a scratch proof floor but unfortunately no floor is impenetrable. Wood is a natural product and over time and with wear and tear it will eventually scratch. There are ways to reduce scratching and dage to your floor. Some of these are common sense but are still great advice for anyone wanting to reduce the scratching on their floor.

  1. Choose the right finish. Finish is a great pro-active option to help reduce the amount of scratching on your floor. You can choose a finish like a UV cured finish which is very strong or alternatively go for something like a wire-brushed finish that has texture to mask scratching. Textured finishes are popular because they add a fun rustic element and are better for camouflaging scratches.
  2. Choose lighter stain options. Darker stains tend to show more. A lighter floor can help mask markings and allow them to blend into the flooring.
  3. Make sure to use protective padding on furniture. Get a big set of chair and furniture pads and install them on all your chairs and furniture. You will want to replace these regularly to keep them from becoming too worn to be effective. There are many different types of these products and you will need to consider what will work best for your furniture.
  4. Add decorative mats and floor coverings. Door mats are vital to protecting your hardwood from dirt and debris as well as water. Dirt can work like a sandpaper on the floor and wear away the finish coats. Rugs are great for hallways where animals may run and can be used under furniture to avoid it from being drug along the floor and maring the wood.
  5. Keep your pets nails trimmed. Dog nails can scratch furniture when they run or jump in the house and keeping them short is just one way to stop this from causing damage to the floor.
  6. Keep the floor well cleaned and remove debris frequently. Keeping your floor swept helps to protect it from scratching and excess wear. Taking your shoes off inside is also a great option for keeping the floor cleaner.

Unfortunately all floors can scratch but with the proper care and techniques you can keep scratching to a minimum.

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