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Puzzle Piece Floors Are Rising in Popularity

Hardwood floors are made of dozens of different hardwood planks. Engineered hardwood, shiplap, and some types of solid hardwood are even made of planks with tongue and groove connections. One side of a plank will have a tongue that sticks out. The other will have a groove in which it fits. You can then put them together like puzzle pieces. Well, many noticed that they fit together like puzzle pieces and decided to take it one step further. A new trend is emerging in hardwood flooring; planks of hardwood are being cut in the shape of puzzle pieces. They’re then arranged together to make the entire floor look like one giant hardwood puzzle.

Designing With Puzzle Flooring

Designing with puzzle piece flooring presents you with several different options. If you’re looking to design for a common room or living space, you might want something understated and subtle. The puzzle pieces can be finished and stained in the same color as well as being made from the same type of wood. In that way, they’ll resemble a standard hardwood floor but the planks will be in a different shape. Depending on how dark your flooring might be, the difference could be pretty subtle.

Alternately, you could choose to make each puzzle piece a different stain or type of wood. That would mean your flooring would be a patchwork. Many designers who do this decide on the number of colors or the number of types of wood based on the number of puzzle shapes. Typically, they will make each shape out of a specific kind of wood. Then, you can piece them together to make a patchwork that has some pattern to it. If you’re designing for a child, you might even choose a more dramatic design scheme.

Designing for Kids

If you’re designing a hardwood floor for a children’s room, you might choose puzzle pieces in a variety of different colors. Different colors will create an eclectic pattern throughout the room. You also might choose different colors for puzzle pieces of the same shape; that makes it more colorful and random, which children might like.

Puzzle piece hardwood floors are part of a growing trend towards hardwood floors adapted to the 21st century. The hardwood floor is often thought of as a relic of an older time, but they can be modern and innovative too. If you’re looking for a new hardwood floor, you should consider unconventional shapes.

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