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The Biggest Impact You Can Make with Paint for the Least Money

If you are renovating your home on a budget you may be wondering how to make the biggest impact at the lowest cost. Painting is one of the top rated project for affordability and impact. It is quick and easy and really updates the space. A professional painter is also a great option for creating a big impact with a smaller budget. Painting is labor intensive and requires a lot of prep and clean up.

Accent walls are a great affordable option for updating your space. Accent walls serve as a focal point to the room and pair well with neutral colored walls. When planning for an accent wall you will want to consider which part of your home would be ideal for a focal point. A large window, fireplace or other design element are great places to use as a focal point. The accent wall color should accent your design and style. Choose a color that is in art in the space, displayed in throw pillows or other design element in your room.

The exterior front door is another great place to paint when you are trying to make a big impact. The front door and surrounding trim can become worn and faded somewhat quickly. When choosing a color for your door you will want to choose a color that contrasts the existing paint scheme but adds a pop of color. It is easiest to remove the hinges and other hardware but there are ways to paint doors while on the hinges.

Freshening the other exterior trim can also give the house a facelift. The fascia, soffits and trim are all areas that wear over time and can start to look faded and old. You may want to simply brighten the current color with a fresh coat or add a new fresh color to all the trim. This technique is inexpensive but effective for giving the house a makeover. A professional is great for a project like this that requires a good deal of prep work and speciality tool to reach tall roof lines.

Painting the interior windows and trim is another small project that can make a big impact. The trim takes a lot of abuse over time and can use an update over time. Changing the color of the trim can make the room look very different. A french gray, beige or off white can be a great complimentary accent color. If your walls are flat or eggshell you will want to create a contract by using a satin or gloss finish for the trip. This also makes it easier to wipe and clean.

If you are wanting to make a big impact with little effort these painting projects can be a great place to start.

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