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The Top 10 Most Unwanted Items


Clearing away unwanted items can be a big process if you don’t have help, the right vehicle or access to a landfill. Trash collection services do not take certain items based on their size or contents. A junk removal service is a big asset when it comes to removal of unwanted items for property managers and home owners alike.

  1. Old flooring is something many new homeowners remove when they buy a new home. If you are installing new flooring yourself you may wonder how to get rid of the heavy carpet left behind by your remodeling job. Carpet can be especially heavy and gross. A dumpster rental can be costly and some HOAs won’t allow them. A junk hauler can easily remove your old flooring including carpet and other flooring types.
  2. Couches are another item that the trash service won’t take and can be difficult to remove from your home alone. A junk removal crew can get a couch out of your home very quickly.
  3. Old appliances are another item that junk removal companies are called on frequently. Refrigerators, ovens and other appliances are heavy and hard to carry out of the house. A professional can be the best choice for removing these items safely and ensuring they are disposed of properly.
  4. Mattresses are something we replace every 5-10 years but don’t always know where to take them to dispose of. Some furniture companies will remove your old mattress when your new mattress is delivered but others do not.
  5. Broken televisions are another item that many people don’t know what to do with. If the tv is truly broken it likely needs to go to a recycling center or landfill.
  6. Bathroom fixtures are also hard to dispose of because of their heavy nature. A strong back and proper truck are needed to help haul these fixtures away.
  7. As technology changes we have more and more piles of outdated and unwanted computes and other office equipment. These machines need to be disposed of in a specific method to protect the soil and groundwater.
  8. Renovation debris are also hard to remove without help. Paneling, drywall, tile and other junk can be associated with health hazards and doesn’t easily fit in the trash cans provide by your waste management company.
  9. If you have moved recently you likely have a giant pile of boxes. These boxes can he hard to get rid of properly. Recycling is a great way dispose of cardboard.
  10. When doing a spring clean up you likely have a lot of yard waste to get rid of. Large branches and bush trimming can yield a lot of waste.

Removing unwanted waste doesn’t have to be a challenge. Hiring a junk removal company to remove these top 10 unwanted items makes it easy to get rid of them safely and efficiently.

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