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Tips for Creating Great Posters-

Posters are a great advertising method for reaching a broad audience. Creating an eye catching poster may be hard at first but with the right tips and tricks you can have it sent to print in no time at all. It is important you really consider the intended message when creating your poster and stop and think about how the message is being portrayed correctly.

First- Always think about the hierarchy of text. This means you will want to use varying sizes and even varied fonts to help the most vital information be easily identified and the text will drive the readers eyes to the most important information. When designing the poster you will want to think about what is the most important thing for the customer to read first. By the way you place and size the text you can draw their eyes to the most important information first.

Next- Only use high quality images. You will want the printing to be crisp and sharp so you will need to make sure the images you use for the poster are the right size and can be printed at the size you need. Big and clear images are vital to an effect poster. Poor quality and small images will get more and more blurry as your poster size grows. A typical high quality photo is 1920x 1080 or 300 DPI for printing. You can get free stock photos on many websites or for a small fee purchase higher resolution stock photos to use for posters.

Third- Color combinations need to be complementary. Color combinations can clash and be distracting so you will want to carefully consider the colors you are using. Also think about the theme of your poster, if you are creating a poster about an upcoming winter festival you may want to use shades of blue and silver to capture the theme. Choose a main color first and then add in a few complimentary colors but don’t go too over the top with color variety to prevent the poster from becoming visually exhausting. The background should be a neutral or muted color.

Fourth- Choose your typeface and font style carefully. The typeface needs to be easy to read but can have some stylistic elements. The typeface may fit the theme of the poster but if you cannot find a themed option you will want to choose something that has the right tone (a soft font, formal font, bold font). After you have chosen a font you may want to consider changing the type into a bold, or italic if needed.

Finally- The printer layout is important. The layout is how the elements of your poster are arranged. When you design the layout you will want to think about the flow you are trying to achieve to ensure the audience sees all the important elements of the poster. Remember to leave margins for the printer.

The printing company will likely have an option to have them review the proof to ensure everything flows properly, the colors and clarity came out correctly after printing and that the poster overall looks good.

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