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Unfinished Hardwood Floors Are No Longer Taboo

A hardwood floor is made of three basic components; it is made of the wooden plank, a stain, and then a finish. The stain seeps into the wood and helps to color it. The stain can mute the colors or emphasize them depending on the wood and the stain. The final step is the finish. The finish protects the stain and the surface of the wood. It creates a clear, waterproof barrier on the wood. Varnish, wax, and oil are temporary finishes that have to be repaired from time to time. Polyurethane is more long-lasting. It used to be inconceivable that you would have a floor without stain or finish. How, many people are opting for unfinished hardwood floors. Here’s why.

The Cost

One reason that people are choosing to get on the trend of unfinished flooring is the cost. If you are paying someone to install your floor or if you don’t want to pay someone to stain and seal it, you can save money simply by skipping it.

You should be aware that an unfinished floor is vulnerable to spills, moisture, and scratches in a way that sealed floors are not. If you want to finish your floor at some point in the future and want it to look brand new, you’ll have to have it sanded, cleaned, and repaired before you stain it. That could completely negate any savings you had in the beginning. However, if you want to get in on the rustic trend, it could work out.

The Rustic Trend

Distressing wood and allowing it to take on a patina of age is very popular right now. One of the best ways to do that is simply by living. By allowing the wood to stay unfinished for a few years, it will pick up oils and dirt from living. It will pick up moisture, stains, and scratches naturally. Then, you can stain and finish it at some point in the future to preserve the look. It will provide you with one of the most authentic distressed hardwood floors possible.

The Versatility

If you can’t decide on a finish or a stain for your hardwood when you buy it, you don’t need to finish it right then. You should be aware that the wood might be damaged while you live on it. Once it’s installed, you can then decide what sort of color and finish you would like.

Some people choose to finish it with something temporary like a wax. The wax will wear off or can be removed when you’re ready for something more permanent.

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