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Vaping – Is it Safe?

Is vaping a good alternative? Vaping has become a wildly popular option and it seems like there is a vape shop on every corner. The big white clouds of steam seem to be all over these days and you may find yourself wondering is this is healthy and safe. Vaping has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and has really taken off as a popular smoking alternative.

Vaping is done with a special vape device that can be small like a cigarette, while others are larger. A vaping pen is filled with chemicals and flavoring that is heated in the heating element of the vape pen and turned into steam that is inhaled. These devices are promoted as a healthy alternative to tobacco products and are even suggested as a way to reduce nicotine intake and gradual wean yourself from the addiction.

While vaping is sold as a safer option but many studies have shown it is really no safer. E-cigarettes still contain nicotine which is highly addictive. Nicotine can have negative side effects and is not advised for pregnant women. Many people believe that the steam is safer than smoke but it releases the same carcinogenic chemicals. There is also second hand vapor which can worsen the air quality and introduce nicotine and other chemicals into the room.

E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular among high school and middle school aged teenagers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a statement showing that nicotine can be harmful to the developing brain and than no teenager should be using nicotine containing products.

Vaping also increased your risk of oral cancer. The amount of oral cancer cases in the U.S. is rising and e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes may be at fault. Signs of oral cancer include sores in the mouth that don’t heal, white or red patches in the mouth, hoarseness or a persistent sore throat among other symptoms.

Your dentist may have other concerns when it comes to e-cigarettes as well. The dentist can do an oral cancer screening for you as well and help monitor your oral health if you continue to vape.

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