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Ways to Hide Hardwood Flooring Scratches

If you have ever had wood flooring in your home you likely know that scratches happen. Scratching is just apart of wood flooring but that doesn’t mean you are powerless against it. Wood floors are a natural product and will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Following the steps below will help slow down the signs or wear and tear and prevent unnecessary scratches.

Choose a strong finish- Many people choose a finish based on the look or feel but if you are worried about scratching you will want to choose based on durability. This proactive step can help stop your floor from becoming scratched and can save you a lot of headache down the road. Some homeowners are switching to a wire brush finish because the textured finish is ideal for masking scratches.

Select a stain that isn’t very dark. Dark floors are hard to keep clean and show scratching more prevalently than a lighter floor. Leave the wood natural or use a lighter brown finish to ensure that any markings or scratches on your floor don’t stand out.

Protect the floor from furniture with felt pads. Felt pads are a vital option to keeping your floor from becoming scratched. Add felt pads to all your furniture paying special attention to piece like chairs that are slid in and out regularly. The pads will need to be changed occasionally especially on chairs and furniture that you move. There are a lot of different designs and options on the market so you will want to consider which options work best for your furniture and home. When you slide or drag unprotected furniture you will end up with big gouges and dents. Even with these felt pads its not advised that heavy furniture is slid on wood flooring.

Add decorative mats and rugs to high traffic areas.Entry ways should all have protective mats to collect dirt and debris and water from shoes. Rugs under high traffic areas can also prevent excess wear. Many people put a rug under their dining room table to protect the floor from their chairs. Rugs in hallways are also ideal for homes with dogs.

Keep dog and cat nails trimmed. When animals run and jump on the floor their nails can cause damage but if you keep their nails short the damage is minimized.

Finally keep the floor clean and well maintained. Regular sweeping or vacuuming can make a huge impact on your floor and keep the finish from wearing prematurely. Dirt and rocks can cause much more damage to your floor than you realized. Consider making the house a no shoe zone to keep the floor clear of unnecessary debris.

While you can’t total stop scratching on your floor these steps can help stop some unnecessary damage.

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