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What are Dental Bridges and How Do They Work?

A dental bridge is something your dentist may suggest if you have a missing tooth or a tooth that needs to be removed. A dental bridge helps to fill the hole left by the missing tooth but goes beyond a cosmetic procedure. It is also need to help with chewing and prevent discomfort.

A dental bridge is a dental device that creates a replacement tooth to fill in the space of your missing tooth and reduce any chewing or jaw issues. The replacement tooth will look natural. There are a variety of different bridge types and your dentist will advise which option is best for your specific needs. A traditional bridge is when a fake tooth or two is held in place with crowns that are cemented to the surrounding teeth.

A cantilever bridge is a bridge that is support on one side. This is used when there is only one tooth to secure to like the last molar. A maryland bridge is also used as a more conservative option. It uses metal or porcelain framework to secure the fake tooth. These bridges are not as strong as a traditional bridge and can have limited biting force.

The final type of bridge is the implant-supported bridge. These are used when there is more than one tooth missing and the bridge is held in place by a dental implant. A dental implant is secured into the jaw bone making it very stable.

Dental bridges are not a surgical procedure and you will be awake during the process. A dentist can give you sedatives or anti-anxiety drugs if you are anxious about the procedure so be sure to talk with them to help calm any anxieties. The area will be numbed and you will likely be very comfortable during the entire process. Because you will have your jaw open during the procedure you may feel some soreness and tenderness in your jaw.

Measurements and imprints are taken to help ensure your dental bridge will fit properly. They will have you bite on soft foam to create imprints and use other tooths to properly create your crown.

Dental bridges have a lot of benefits. They create a uniform smile with no gaps. Help restore the biting and chewing surface. Eliminate eating issues and some speech issues as well.

A dentist is the best resource for discovering what options there are for your dental needs.

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