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What is UV Printing?


Simply, UV printing is a printing press that utilizes ultraviolet light to cure the ink quickly. UV printing is any commercial printing process that uses the ultraviolet curing technology. A special ink is used which is formulated to dry when exposed to UV light.

When the paper is sent through the printing press the wet ink is applied and then UV light dries the ink instantly. The ink will not seep or spread with this process which helps to give the text or image a sharper edge. This process is great for projects that need folding or binding but is not ideal for every project.

Some of the Advantages-

Ink is dry as it comes off the press which means there is no time lost waiting for the ink to dry. This can speed up the binding, folding and other operations that are needed after printing.

UV ink works on a variety of materials which includes paper and other substrates. UV printing works great on synthetic paper which includes maps and menus as well as other moisture-resistant materials.

The curing process helps the ink to resist scratching, scuffing and ink transfer as well as fading.
The finished product is sharper and more vibrant because of the rapid drying. It will not absorb or spread into the substrate so it will stay vivid and crisp.

UV inks are not solvent based so they are better for the environment.

The decision to use UV printing is based on many factors. First, will it work for the project you are doing. Also is the printing facility able to complete your project with UV ink. Some projects are not cost effective with a UV cured ink. The size of the project and the amount of copies may affect the option to use UV ink. A printing rep is the best resource for determining if UV ink is ideal for your project.

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