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What to consider when choosing a web-to-print provider

When looking for ta web-to-print company you will want to choose a company that produces work most closely to what you are needing. Printing services vary greatly and you will want to make sure they do a good job on your specific printing need.

  1. Consider turnaround time. Turnaround time is the amount of time it will take from hitting submit to receiving your product. While speed doesn’t dictate quality it is something to consider. If a company is slow and causes you to miss deadlines, advertising opportunities or other important steps they may not be the right fit for you. You can ask the company their turn around time on different products.
  2. Customer service. Customer service is vitally important when working with online printing. When you don’t get facetime with the printing company you need to make sure they answer emails, answer their phones and listen to concerns. Regardless of how good their finished product is the customer service is vital.
  3. Online design options. When considering different online printing options you will want to see what online design features they have. Some of the online design features will allow you to create your items without waiting for a staff designer to assist you.
  4. Samples. Do they offer you samples? If you are ordering a mass quantity of products you will want to receive samples before you approve the project. A physical sample can give you a much better feel for how the product came out and make sure you are happy before you get boxes and boxes of your flyers, poster or other items. It also lets you see the quality of the paper and printing.

These different elements are all parts of what makes a web-to-print provider a good option. When choosing a printer you may want to consider a company with a local office. Having facetime can help speed up the printing process because it is easier to go over details face to face then via email. The choice to use online printing may be the best for your business but you might be pleasantly surprised by the ease of local printing shops.

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