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What’s so Special About Zebra Wood Flooring?

If you are looking for one of the most rare and expensive hardwood floors you can find, or if you’re simply curious, you are probably familiar with zebrawood. Zebrawood is an African wood so named for its interesting grain patterns. The wood is typically a rich brown and fairly lightly colored. Then, the grain is much darker and in long straight lines, which resembles the stripes of a zebra. So, what makes zebrawood so desirable and so rare?

Rarity of Zebrawood

Zebrawood is not rare in the sense of being endangered. It is native to central AFrica and can be found in many countries there. The wood has been somewhat over-harvested but that’s pretty common for many different types of wood. Zebrawood is a rarity because it is so useful that the amount of wood produced cannot keep up with demand.

Zebrawood is rare and in great demand for two reasons; for one, it is very attractive. Also, the wood is very hard and dense. Since the wood is hard and dense, it does not absorb much moisture. It’s often used for boat oars and other applications that might involve water. It also was popular for dashboards in Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The tone of zebrawood in musical instruments is very desirable for many musicians as well.

Lastly, because zebrawood is so hard, it can be used for tools such as hammers or axes. These applications need very hard woods to last for a long time.

The Look

When used for hardwood floors, the most prominent quality is the look of the wood. The hardness is important as well, especially if you have pets that could scratch the floor. However, what sets zebrawood apart is the grain.

The heartwood is typically golden, and the sapwood is typically pale yellow. The color is fairly uniform throughout the planks. Then the grain is dark brown or black. It is in straight lines that look like zebra stripes. That will make your floor look distinct from any other floors around.


This article opened by stating that zebrawood is possibly the most expensive hardwood flooring you can find. WEll, a typical white oak hardwood floor might cost you five dollars per square foot. A zebra wood hardwood floor will likely cost you about $20 to $25 per square foot. It will last a very long time and will resell very well; so, it’s something of an investment.

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