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Winter Floor Care

Homeowners have always loved the beauty and look of wood flooring but if you live in a snowy or wet climate you may be concerned about how winter will impact your flooring. Wet footwear, ice melt, and the change in humidity can all affect the floor. Learning how to protect your flooring and care for it during the winter can help your floor last for many winters to come without any issues or damage.

Exterior doorways are a common place for moisture to collect. A high quality floor mat can be a great way to eliminate water damage on your flooring. A solid non-slip backing is important to prevent discoloring, you will also want to look for a mat with fibers that can capture the moisture effectively. The mat will need to be cleaned regularly, especially in the winter. You will want to shake the dust out and then wash and dry the mat. Do not put the mat back in your home until it is dry or it could cause staining or warping.

Take care of any spills or puddles quickly. Spills happen but taking care of them quickly is important for protecting your floor. Keep a mop or a cloth on hand for tackling small spills. Remove shoes before coming in the house to help prevent wet footprints on your floor.

Don’t use ice melt or salt on your porch. Salt can damage your flooring. Footwear will trap particles of salt and deposit them in your home. Overtime the salt particles will break down your flooring’s finish coat. Sand can also damage your floor but may be easier to clean then the salt particles. A heated exterior mat is a great option for keeping your front area ice free without potentially damaging your floor.

Proper cleaning equipment is vital to keeping your floor from being damaged. Your floors need to be cleaned regularly to keep dust and debris from wearing on the finish. This is just as important in the winter especially if you wear shoes into home. A microfiber mop, a dusting mop and a soft bristle vacuum are all great tools for keeping you floors clean and well maintained.

The humidity of your home is also important to keep your floor from gapping. A whole house humidifier is a great way to keep your floors humidity consistent throughout the year.

Utilizing all these steps will keep your flooring beautiful and increase its longevity.

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